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Take action for a healthier tomorrow

There are many things you can do to take care of your health and help prevent disease or lessen its impact. Take 10 offers a few ways.

Weekend Nutrition Tips


Would you like to explore different types of foods and different ways to cook? Sign up for weekend nutrition tips and get new ideas and recipes every week.

Looking for a Take 10 tip on demand? You can text in to receive on-demand cardio routines, mindfulness or breathing guidance, relaxation tips, and energy boosters anytime.

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Find your Take 10 with a Friend Match


Taking time for yourself is essential to your overall health, and doing so with a friend can make that experience even more productive. That’s why Take 10 now offers a feature that will match you with another associate who has similar health and well-being goals as yourself – Take 10 with a Friend. Sign up today and find your match.

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What participants are saying

“Using Take 10 activities is becoming a new habit, and it’s getting easier each day with the reminders I receive. In the midst of a busy day, it really does help to pull the ‘circuit breaker’ for 10 minutes!”

Dr. Colette Edwards, National Medical Director - Associate Health and Well-Being

“I participated in the 10-minute exercises, most of the days, and found it to be very inspirational to my day. These few minutes prepared me for the rest of the day feeling like I was able to accomplish something for myself.”

Take 10 for Yourself Participant

“I just wanted to thank the Take 10 folks for the neck exercises they posted a few weeks ago . . . They make a HUGE difference for me! Thank you so much!!!”

Take 10 for Yourself Participant
“I really enjoy getting these. Even if I am too busy to do these, it reminds me to at least take a moment and breathe.”
Take 10 for Yourself Participant
“[My Take 10 friend and I] are exchanging emails, encouraging each other to walk and do better, managing stress in a better way… More important we can count on each other to vent about “the journey” and to not give up! Great way to keep working in ourselves, thanks for the opportunity!”
Alfa H. Castillo Lluberes, Wellness Product Design, Development & Strategy Professional 2

“I am OBSESSED with these Take 10 breaks!! I know that I’m a biased sample group of one, because I’m already someone who wants to make regular healthy break times for myself, but it is so refreshing to have someone at work remind me, ‘here’s an idea to try for today and lots of us are doing it too!’ Thank you thank you thank you.”

Karen Cook, Consultant, Associate Health and Well-Being

“Thank you for having this program. It reminds me to get up and move. I find it very helpful in keeping me strong and healthy.”

Take 10 for Yourself Participant
“Although we live in different states and don’t have the same schedule, it was really nice to log into my email and see an email from my Take 10 Buddy.”
Take 10 with a Friend Participant

“Take 10 for Yourself is a very simple, scalable physical activity offering that one can do anywhere; at home, at the desk, traveling, etc.”

Tim State, Enterprise VP - Associate Heath and Well-Being

Do you want content on demand?

Request content anytime by texting in the word BREATHE, RELAX, CARDIO, or ENERGY to the number 53016. For example, if you text the word BREATHE to 53016 (nothing else in the message, just the word), you will receive a text message back with a helpful breathing or meditation tip.

You can request content anytime on these 4 topics. Text in as often as you want; you will get something new each time. Text YOU to 53016 and get a list you can save on your phone or refer to the table below:

Text this word to 53016Type of Message You’ll Get
RELAXStress Busters/Resilience
CARDIOHigh Energy/Cardio Tip (Be prepared to sweat and occasionally get on the floor)
ENERGYMid-afternoon Slump
Take 10 On Demand Keywords