Do you want content on demand?

Request content anytime by texting in the word BREATHE, RELAX, CARDIO, or ENERGY to the number 53016. For example, if you text the word BREATHE to 53016 (nothing else in the message, just the word), you will receive a text message back with a helpful breathing or meditation tip.

You can request content anytime on these 4 topics. Text in as often as you want; you will get something new each time. Text YOU to 53016 and get a list you can save on your phone or refer to the table below:

Text this word to 53016Type of Message You’ll Get
RELAXStress Busters/Resilience
CARDIOHigh Energy/Cardio Tip (Be prepared to sweat and occasionally get on the floor)
ENERGYMid-afternoon Slump
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